$500,000+ in Annual Ecommerce Revenue for KCI Tools

Hypelocal has helped turn brick and mortar stores into bustling ecommerce businesses.

A local Saskatoon business knew they had to develop their digital presence in order to survive. Knowing they couldn’t do it themselves, they turned to the experts. Since working with them, we’ve been able to grow their online revenue from $0 a month to over $100,000 across multiple newly established digital sales channels.

1100% Advertising Return On Investment

    25,000+ Social Media Followers

$500,000+ in Ecommerce Revenue

Company Challenge

Like many hyperlocal businesses, KCI Tools was a company with global potential, trapped in a local market. Their product, kaizen foam inserts for toolboxes and carry cases, was a niche product that didn’t have enough local demand to sustain operations. The owners knew they needed to go online, but didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to do it alone.


Company Name:  KCI Tools
Location:  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Employees:  Less than 10
Industry:  Manufacturing

How We Helped

  • We created an ecommerce website and implemented proven conversion rate optimization tactics that allowed us to generate over $500,000 of in-year revenue, directly from the KCI Tools website. 
  • Then we constructed integrated online sales funnels that generated unheard-of results. In fact, our digital advertising funnels demonstrated an 1100% ROI month-over-month through the use of Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 
  • The last prong of successful ecommerce implementation was to grow KCI Tools' social media presence in order to promote trust with potential customers. By implementing an organic social media marketing strategy, we were able to grow their social media following from 0 to over 25,000 loyal brand fanatics across both Facebook and Instagram within that same calendar year.

Result and Impact

KCI Tools was a budding business with the potential to become a lean, revenue generating machine. With the help of Hypelocal, KCI Tools is now a highly-profitable local business that continues to grow and succeed through managerial oversight from the Hype team.

If you’re struggling to get your business online or want to take your business online but don’t have the know-how, then contact the Hype team today and explore our Ecommerce products and packages.