The Content Marketing Strategy That Created $1M+ in ARR

The Hypelocal team is renowned for their performance, SEO-focused, copywriting capabilities. In this instance, we strategically crafted a keyword-targeted blog that claimed two #1 search results, drove thousands of annual web visits, and led to the close of two of the companies largest deals to-date.

#1 Search Result on Two Search Terms

300+ Organic Marketing Qualified Leads per year

$1,000,000 m+ in Annual Recurring Revenue

Company Challenge

The client company was investing a lot of resources into the building of a robust SEO strategy, centered around keyword-targeted blogs. 


Location:  Canada
Employees:  300+
Industry:  SaaS

How We Helped

  • A third-party conducted in-depth keyword research to identify a budding opportunity on a topic that was high-intent amongst the client’s audience.
  • Then we created sales funnels that actually generate results. Our digital advertising funnels demonstrated a 1100% ROI month-over-month through the use of Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 
  • Content production began and a 2,000+ word, conversion optimized blog with custom graphics was produced.
  • The blog was published, promoted on organic social channels and left to simmer for a couple of months.
  • Within three months, the blog had claimed the #1 search result on two terms with a few hundred monthly searches each.
  • Within another six months, the blog had generated hundreds of MQLs for the client.
  • Over the following calendar year, the same blog lead to the close of two deals, combining for greater than $1M in ARR.

Result and Impact

It has been over three years since the blog was published, yet it continues to be a top contributor to inbound organic leads for the client, averaging over 300 MQLs and dozens of closed deals every year.

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